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Hiring a Debt Collections Attorney can provide businesses with an arsenal of tools geared for recovering debt with as little difficulty as possible. A debt collection agency should have experienced, professional Debt Collections Attorneys working for them – and you – that are trusted and respected in the industry. A Debt Collections Attorney’s ability to recover debt goes beyond what a regular creditor or a collection agency can do. Debt Collections Attorneys use their tools in an ethical and timely manner, achieving the main objective without compromising the reputation of a company or causing any possible counter suits. Providing the best legal representation possible is a major trait of a Debt Collections Attorney.

Debt Collections Attorneys usually start out by sending an Attorney Demand Letter. Whether a letter is sent is determined by the debtor’s past credit history or the creditor’s previous attempts to recover debt. Even though past efforts may have failed in recovering debt, a Debt Collections Attorney’s letter can show the debtor that a company is serious in collecting debt and gives them a better chance of recovering debt. A letter from a Debt Collections Attorney can sometimes net a better result, even from the most difficult of debtors, up to a 15 to 20 percent. A Debt Collections Attorney’s letter complies with certain state laws and can allow for the possibility of recovering attorney’s fees in some circumstances. Also, it can establish the credibility of the creditor.


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If a company has to actually file a lawsuit, a Debt Collections Attorney can help draft legal documents, file with the courts, and then service that complaint upon the debtor. Some Debt Collections Attorneys will utilize the complaint on a sworn account, meaning they prepare an affidavit to be signed by the creditor and swear to the fact the debtor owes a specified amount of money. The affidavit is then attached to the complaint at the time of filing the suit. Debtors are served and given a certain period of time to respond. A good majority of debtors are not equipped to handle litigation and are usually no match for a Debt Collections Attorney. This usually results in judgments being made without dispute. Companies trying to recover a debt without the services of a Debt Collections Attorney could find themselves on the losing end, even if they were never in the wrong in the first place.

Debt Collections Attorneys use various ways to recover debt that are completely legal. One way is through garnishment. This can be issued to a debtor’s bank account or their wages. Debt Collections Attorneys can also take out a lien against a debtor’s house. It is not the fastest way of recovering debt, yet it has proven to be very effective. A skilled Debt Collections Attorney can work their way through the legalities of a debt situation without being bogged down.

Companies from all over the globe can retain the services of a Debt Collections Attorney. They will work for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies or mid-sized businesses. Also, Debt Collections Attorneys will determine whether litigation is the best option. A good Debt Collections Attorney will collect evidence and work with the company interested in hiring them and help find the best possible solution. With a Debt Collections Attorney working on their side, a company can almost guarantee the end result will be positive.

Debt Collection Attorney: An Effective Recovery Strategy

[Posted on December 29, 2008]

In these difficult economic times, one of the issues that come up frequently is when another business that has received goods or services is unable or unwilling to pay its debt.  If your business is unable to recover commercial debt from another company, you may feel as if there is very little recourse.  However, there are plenty of strategies available that can be quite effective in recovering debt owed to you- one effective strategy is a debt collection attorney.

A Debt Collection Attorney Works
A debt collection attorney can be one of the most successful ways to recover debt quickly and in full.  In fact, many businesses are surprised at the amount of resources a debt collection attorney is able to offer in order to recover debt.  While many businesses that are owed money do not know the first step to recover debt, a debt collection attorney can start the ball rolling.  One of the best reasons to have a debt collection attorney work on your behalf is to send a clear signal to other businesses that you are very serious about recovering your money.

Your Business’s Reputation is Important When Collecting Debt
No business wants to ruin their reputation by using strong arm tactics and looking unprofessional to others in their industry, this is why one of the best strategies available is a debt collection attorney.  A debt collection attorney doesn’t use strong arm tactics- there are enough legal teeth afforded by the courts to recover your money quickly and in full and a debt collection attorney knows the best path to take to accomplish this task.

The Best Time to Start Collecting Your Debt is Now
Don’t waste time with debt recovery.  If you are having difficulty communicating with businesses that owe you debt or have been unable to collect money for a couple of months or more, now is the time to take action.  Choosing the right debt collection attorney is the best way to recover your debts quickly and the services of can help.  We have helped numerous companies recover debt quickly and easily by making sure they had the right debt collection attorney at their side.  Just as every business is different, finding the right debt collection attorney is very important.  Contact us directly today to get partnered with a debt collection attorney to recover your money in full quickly. 

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